How to build roof spaces?

How to build roof spaces?

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Arranging attics is often a good solution to gain a few square meters and thus, create a new living space: a games room, a guest bedroom ... Here you will find our best tips for making the most of the space under the roof . Feasibility, steps, steps, cost ... Ask yourself the right questions before embarking on this new project.


- I build my attic step by step - Frame and roof: what should I do? - Floor and staircase: what you need to know - Make insulation a priority - How to partition and arrange my attic?

1. I arrange my attic step by step

Before going to the attic to repaint the walls, follow the essential steps to properly arrange your attic. You will indeed need to do some work before taking full advantage of your new square meters. * Reinforce the frame * Create a floor and a staircase * Reinforce the insulation * Partitioning * Fitting out and decorating

2. Frame and roof: what should I do?

First of all, check the good condition of your frame. If the slope of your roof is more than 30 ° and if you have a ridge height of 1.80m (the minimum for a space to be habitable): bingo! You will not have to modify the roof. If this is not the case, or if your frame is a so-called "industrial" frame, it will undoubtedly be necessary to plan work to raise or raise the roof. Also consider the installation of Velux type roof windows (simple to install and economical), essential for ventilating and bringing light under the eaves. Objective: create a bright and pleasant space. Good to know: if you modify the exterior appearance of your house or increase your floor area by more than 20m2 you must file a building permit. Also remember to contact your insurance to modify the "home" contract.

3. Floor and staircase: what you need to know

By deciding to arrange your attic, you will no doubt need to create a floor, or even a staircase if the latter does not exist. The floor of your ex-attic must be passable and able to support the weight of your planned developments. Note that a floor must be able to support at least 150kg / m2. On the price side: for a surface of 40 to 60 m2, whose roof pitch is between 35 ° and 45 °, with a transformation of the frame, a reinforcement of the floor, an installation of roof windows, a staircase, and including insulation, partitioning, plumbing and electricity, count between € 40,000 and € 60,000.

4. Make insulation a priority

The thermal and acoustic insulation of your attic must be taken care of, both at the level of the roof, the walls and the floor. And even more if you opt for independent electric heating. Your insulation should then be efficient. Insulating well also means saving energy and gaining comfort. Also consider setting up a ventilation system (VMC) to avoid humidity problems. Good to know: thermally insulating your roof space means undertaking an energy renovation. A good point, since this work gives the right to financial aid, especially if you call on a RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) company. Learn more at:

5. How to partition and arrange my attic?

Once the work is finished you can then arrange your freshly renovated roof spaces. It all depends on the type of space you want to create: a bedroom, a games room, a giant dressing room, a bathroom ... In all cases, prefer light materials for the floor covering and the partitions (rather placo than plaster and tiles), which will be less heavy to support for your floor. Advice: avoid multiplying the partitions to keep a ventilated space. Sliding panels or glass partitions can be a good solution to maintain the depth of the space. Tip: the lower sloping parts are the ideal place to arrange cupboards and storage areas and thus optimize the space without losing a single square.