10 good resolutions to take in the kitchen

10 good resolutions to take in the kitchen

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This year, it's decided, I save time, I eat better, I protect the planet and I save money! To keep up this ambitious but necessary program, head to the kitchen, where these 10 good resolutions that are easy to keep will change your life once and for all!

1. I organize myself to save time in the kitchen

If the days are not alike, the evening question always remains the same: but what do we eat ?! Solo, still happening, but if you have to prepare dinner for the whole family, organizing meals can quickly become a real headache. So this year, we organize ourselves by filling the cupboards in an intelligent way, we make sure to list well what could be missing, we cook in advance on weekends, we think to freeze as much as possible and above all we vary the recipes for quickly cook tasty seasonal products! Our 5 tips to facilitate the organization of the week's dinners

10 good resolutions in the kitchen

2. I cook in advance as soon as possible

But as some evenings, time and imagination really lack to concoct good meals, we do not hesitate to cook in advance to always have a good meal on hand. Either prepare in large quantities and freeze, or put on jars and canned food. The principle is simple: during the holidays, we simmer cooked dishes, soups and even desserts, we put them in a jar, we sterilize them with steam, and presto, these are wonderful homemade preserves that decorate the kitchen while waiting for '' reheated at the last minute. This year, it's decided, we are going to the canned house! Our tutorial for making canned fruit and vegetables

Beautiful jars that keep for 6 months!

3. I optimize the storage of the fridge and freezer

To save time, fight against food waste, preserve food nutrients and avoid unpleasant surprises, a good resolution is required: this year, we are putting away the fridge! We start by emptying everything and cleaning everything with white vinegar, then we store product by product by removing the packaging and placing all the food in airtight boxes or freezer bags. By taking care to put each family of food on the right floor, the result will really change your life, so let's go!

Good habits to take…

4. I optimize the closet storage

Come on, we keep tidying up, but this time we are attacking the kitchen cupboards. The prospect of spending a few hours emptying the drawers, sorting out the spices and rearranging each kitchen space may not be the most exciting of the start of the year, but who said that good resolutions were necessarily easy to hold on? Courage, with these 20 tips for putting your kitchen cupboards in order, this chore will be quickly resolved!

It's better no ?

5. I save tap water

To preserve the planet and reduce the bill, water is saved by installing a reducer on the kitchen tap. Foam or aerator, these accessories allow to reduce the flow without modifying the comfort of use to wash your hands or to wash vegetables.

Our selection of water reducers

6. I switch to ecological cleaning products

Always to protect the environment while limiting unnecessary expenses, this year, it's decided, we move on to natural cleaning products. Goodbye chemicals, bleach and other substances harmful to groundwater, hello black soap, white vinegar, lemon and baking soda! The 10 commandments of ecological cleaning

Even the oven can be cleaned with bicarbonate!

7. I grow my aromatic plants

Good resolution n ° 7: this year, I want to cook with my own aromatic herbs, just picked from my little vegetable garden! By placing a few pots in front of the window or on the balcony, nothing is easier than growing mint, chives, thyme and parsley. But if you lack light or don't have a green thumb, invest in a smart indoor vegetable garden to be sure you always have a few fresh basil leaves to decorate your tomato salad!

© Ready to Grow Basil and parsley all year round! !

8. I organize myself to eat more fruits and vegetables

Because we all want iron health and steel morale, this year, we are resuming the good resolution to eat more fruits and vegetables. We display the calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables on the fridge, we invest in a nice trolley or a nice fruit basket, we go to the market and stock up on fiber and vitamins with each meal!

How to organize your kitchen to eat fruits and vegetables every day

9. I take care of my dishwasher

To save money, this year, we take care of our dishwasher! We clean it, we descale it, we add regenerating salt to it… in short, we pamper it, so as not to deal with either the repairer or the seller before long…

How to keep your dishwasher longer?

10. I optimize the sorting of waste

Finally, if you have not already done so, you take a few minutes to organize the sorting of waste according to the available space. A trash can for household waste, a trash can for glass, another for paper and cardboard, and this year, we promise, we stick to it…

The planet says thank you!