Easy recipe ideas to take home with your friends

Easy recipe ideas to take home with your friends

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What a pleasure it is to eat outside when the warm weather arrives. And I'm sure you totally share my enthusiasm, right? With friends or family, around a large table or in the shade of a plane tree on a checkered tablecloth in picnic version, the summer season offers us a multitude of opportunities to meet with our loved ones in an atmosphere festive and relaxed. Only this requires a minimum of organization. Most of the time, everyone brings back a dish whose main missions will be to be practical to transport, to please the greatest number without forgetting to be greedy. So I made you a little compilation of my tips to satisfy young and old during your next group meals.

Easy to transport dishes

Forget the creamy textures or the ingredients that melt with the heat, think "nomad"! When it comes to savory dishes, wraps, muffins, quiches, pies will be your best friends. Easy and quick to make, they also have the advantage of being able to customize with the ingredients you have on hand in your cupboards and in the fridge. Hopefully you won't even need to go shopping! To bring a healthy touch to this meal or aperitif, chewable vegetable sticks Always cause a sensation: carrots, cucumbers, radishes,… Accompanied by a light white cheese sauce, a little lemon juice, fresh garlic and a few fresh herbs is a treat! For dessert, cookies, pancakes, family chocolate cakes, fruit clafoutis, fruit platters will disappear in the blink of an eye! If however you are like me and you like to please yourself by making slightly more elaborate recipes for special occasions, you can make your recipe in 2 steps: - The bulk of the recipe at home - Then finish the training of more delicate elements once there. For example, you can bring a ganache and your pastry bag to place some cream on the top of your muffins just before tasting.

Cucumber or avocado pieces wrapped in slices of raw ham with a basil leaf, all maintained with wooden picks: good and easy to transport!

Simplicity to please the greatest number

To avoid making mistakes, choose simplicity. This will firstly have the advantage of not spending 2 days in the kitchen. Keep in mind that good times with friends and family are the main reason for this reunion. Gluttony should not be forgotten, of course, but it will not be the focal point of the event. We release the pressure, we forget the complex recipes from technical specialist magazines and we enjoy preparing our favorite recipes, which work every time. In terms of ingredients, in order to please as many people as possible, it is better to avoid foods that are too original. Even if you love cinnamon, coriander or liquorice, these are often shunned foods. If you don't know everyone's tastes, it's best to put them aside for this time. Head more to cheese, chicken, ham, tomatoes, strawberries, chocolate ,… Classics that always please! And if among your acquaintances, some have special diets, consider adapting all or part of your achievements. It will always be appreciated!

Tomato pie, a classic that always pleases!

Quench your thirst with original drinks

You have only a very short time to devote to the realization of a dish but you still want to participate in the organization of the common meal? Rather than fall back on a ready-made dish, why not offer to bring the drink? Increasingly present on the tables of tea rooms and restaurants, vitamin waters are as pleasing to the eyes as the taste buds. The principle is simple: infuse fruit and / or vegetables in rings to remove the vitamins (vitamins B, C and antioxidants are soluble in water). It's good and icing on the cake, zero calories in this healthy and refreshing drink. To prepare, it is therefore very quick. 1. Thoroughly wash your ingredients. 2. Then cut them into slices and place them in your carafe of water. 3. Then leave to infuse for at least 12 hours in the fridge. Drink cold and the following day. The great classics of the genre are strawberries / basil or lemon / cucumber. But you can let your imagination travel for the creation of more original recipes if you know the tastes of other guests: mango / ginger, apple / passion, ... homemade iced teas are always very popular also when temperatures start to climb. The advantage of doing it yourself is that you can measure the amount of sugar, sometimes too large in commercial iced tea. For the recipe, infuse 5 teaspoons of tea (preferably green) in a liter of water at room temperature and let the tea diffuse in the water for 3 hours. Then add sugar, honey, maple syrup according to your tastes. Then put in the fridge before tasting. Consume your drink during the day because green tea oxidizes quickly.

Take advantage of the strawberry season to make delicious scented waters

My super fluffy blini recipe

Finally, I slip you one of my favorite recipes for plump and fluffy blinis. I like it very much because it is easy and quick to make, we can make it with ingredients that we always have on hand and it always wins a great success ... So, for twenty small blinis, you will need: - 2 pots of plain yogurt - the equivalent of 2 pots of wheat flour yogurt -2 eggs - a sachet of baking powder And the steps: 1. In a bowl, empty the contents of the 2 yogurts. 2. Use an empty jar to dose the flour. Put the same amount of flour as yogurt (2 pots). 3. Add the 2 eggs, baking powder and mix well. 4. Add a small pinch of salt and let sit for 5 minutes. 5. Meanwhile, heat your pan with a little vegetable oil. 6. Cook your blinis for about 1 minute on each side over medium heat. Turn them over when you see small bubbles appear on the surface of the blini. Enjoy your meal !

Perfect for brunch!