7 bright ideas to light up your balcony without wasting space

7 bright ideas to light up your balcony without wasting space

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It's early spring and you would love to enjoy your little balcony. But you face a major problem: the sun is still setting early and you want to go to bed late. And on your few square meters of balcony, you tell yourself that by installing a few lamps, you will quickly run out of space. Until summer, it will therefore have to be tricky to light up your exterior. Dé has prepared a selection of clever lighting fixtures specially adapted for exteriors to illuminate your balcony without cluttering it.

1. Garland of industrial bulbs, Luminal Park, € 33.57 2. Outdoor wall light with vintage look, La Boutique Paris, € 149 3. Contemporary outdoor wall light, MW Light, € 77.90 4. Light chain guinguette spirit, Lumisky, € 33 5. Solar lanterns to hang, Galix, € 12.95 6. Luminous vases, Lumisky, € 62.95 7. Designer lamp, Fermob, € 68

1. Industrial bulbs to hang everywhere on your balcony

Ideal for small terraces or small trendy balconies, these bulbs can be easily hung on a railing. With their industrial and trendy look, they bring light and lots of charm. Luminal Park, € 33.57

2. A retro look wall lamp to put directly on the wall

To avoid cluttering the space, simply hang a light source directly on the wall. This wall lamp allows to light up your balcony and, thanks to its pretty design, to give it a little retro spirit. The Paris Boutique, € 149

3. A contemporary style wall lamp to light up while dressing the walls

Followers of minimalist and contemporary decoration for your interior, also adopt these trends on your terrace with this wall lamp with an ultra-modern look. Fixed directly to the wall, it does not take up space and allows you to arrange the space as you wish. MW Light, € 77.90

4. A garland of colored bulbs for a guinguette spirit

The light garlands is the decorative trick to light without cluttering. And to make the summer season come faster, we offer this garland that recalls the tavern atmosphere and summer evenings. Lumisky, € 33

5. Solar lanterns to hang directly from plants

Ecological and ultra practical, these small lanterns can be hung directly on plants. And because they run on solar energy, they don't even require a connection! Galix, € 12.95

6. Two-in-one furniture so you don't waste space

To take advantage of your balcony quickly, think of fitting it out with bright furniture. With this cube which can serve as a coffee table and these flowerpots, we decorate and illuminate our exterior while equipping it. Carry Cubes, € 119 - Lumisky Vases, € 62.95

7. A portable lamp that adapts to our desires

Enjoy the calm of the first nights outside, have a drink with friends, have a tête-à-tête ... with this pretty portable lamp, you can do whatever you want on your balcony without worrying about the lighting night fell. Fermob, € 68