D-9: I'm thinking of party table decorations that will appeal to children

D-9: I'm thinking of party table decorations that will appeal to children

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Now that we have mastered the folding of napkins, Natacha gives us her best advice for children to help us make our holiday table decoration… Before the kids are definitely (and finally) busy unpacking their gifts to play with (and / or complain about it), once you've made a mistake, you never know, you are never safe. 'Christmas ingratitude after all!), we often try to find occupations for them, especially during the Christmas meal. Yes, remember when you were little, these loooooong endless family meals where you were no longer hungry after entry but where you still had to wait for the log. We watched the dish, the side dishes, the cheeses, the clementines, the digestive pass, FINALLY the log (and the 21 other desserts) which sounded the end of an unnamed ordeal. Times have not changed for everyone, except that we find ourselves in the camp of those who take pleasure in all this. This is still not the case with our heirs (or so, really, do not boast about it, it is TOO lucky, we could blame you!), So, to try to relieve a little, here are some ideas to decorate the table with them in a nice, playful way AND with something to keep them busy for the lengths.

Christmas balls and decorations

Nobody has ever written anywhere that the Christmas ornaments and pretty decorations had to be hung from the tree. So, we can happily and fearlessly use it to decorate the Christmas table to make it something festive. And we will admit that it is not too complicated to manage, and sometimes it is not worse. When you start to feel the little ones getting impatient, give them a small basket, have them pick up the decorations from the table and ask them to finish decorating the tree. They will certainly not miss this opportunity to get up from the table for a few minutes!

Places-slate brands

And chalks. Two birds with one stone, here is a little feint of sioux for an original and reusable decoration for a nice occupation: make drawings in chalk, play Pictionnary at the table, make a hangman… They will find well what to do with the slates !

Crackers or mini gifts

Already, because it is ALWAYS fun to have little things to open in general, but even more before the real gifts from THE list! You can easily find lots of small games and toys in certain specialized stores or on the net. It often does not cost much, and sincerely, it can save you the good mood of children, who, remember, are not the champions of the world of patience in general!

Christmas canes

And candy. For starters, because the Christmas canes are a bit THE symbol of this family celebration, and then it's really nice to have bouquets, in pretty containers, on the table. And to eat, it takes about an hour of time (especially if we specify that we should not bite into it, it is caught). Anyway, the children were no longer hungry for the chestnut turkey, they may well have a candy, it's not every day at home like that!

Christmas bingo

On an A4 sheet, print a Christmas bingo with several boxes representing what the children will come across during the meal and the evening. a fir tree, a special Christmas ball, an oyster, a gift, a foil… As the evening progresses, like a treasure hunt, they will have to tick the corresponding boxes. For dessert, note the cards for each child ... Now is the time to offer them a treat or other little surprise to make them wait a few minutes before the end of the meal, and perhaps, depending on whether you are a Christmas Eve gift or the next day, the expected time!

Placemats to decorate

It may seem so simple, but we don't always think about it: print coloring pages (on the Christmas theme, while we're at it) and use them as placemats on the children's side. Add small pots filled with crayons and grease crayons. Not even bother to explain to them, they will understand the message for themselves!

Photobooth accessories

And a camera available, suddenly. It is enough to cut out from thick (and colored) sheets shapes of beards, glasses, hats, mustaches etc. and attach a wand to it. We make a nice bouquet in a pretty container and that's enough to occupy the little guests a good time for photo sessions between dishes (or during, let's be crazy, it's party time!). We do not promise the quality of the photos that you will recover, but it may be funny and then ... let's face it, we know that adults will also play with it at some point!