8 essential accessories for tea time!

8 essential accessories for tea time!

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When tea time strikes, time seems to stop running! Chic and a bit old-fashioned, the tea time ritual marks a short stop in a hectic everyday life. Alone or with friends, we appreciate this parenthesis of daily sweetness. Provided you have the right accessories…

Honey jar, € 15.93 *, Wadiga

Honey is second to none when it comes to giving you a little sweetness! More subtle than sugar, it will give your tea a delicately scented note. Who would resist its beautiful amber color in its transparent glass jar?

Bell on foot, € 47.40 *, Country and style

No tea time chic without cookies! Tasty as they wish, they are the essential stars of a successful snack. To highlight them, nothing like an elegant bell on a stand. At the height of winter, cocooning atmosphere guaranteed!

Set of 6 cups, € 18.99 *, Paris Price

Have you decided to make tea time a convivial moment with friends? Excellent resolution ! Gathered around these elegant earthenware cups, your guests will not sulk their pleasure. Perhaps they will indulge in some secrets?

Old style tray, € 29.50 *, Country lane

Entertaining is an art, and you master it down to the last detail! Opt for a deliciously retro atmosphere with this pretty old-style tray. Teapot and accessories will be highlighted there, for the simple pleasure of the eyes.

Glass candy box, € 18.99 *, Paris Price

Oscar Wilde said cheekily: "I can resist anything except temptation". Imitate it, and give in to the confectionery that hides in this glass candy box without complexes! After all, isn't tea time a treat?

Individual teapot, € 33.80 *, Amadeus

A mini teapot just for you: this should fill you, when the long-awaited moment of your tea time will sound. Admit it, sometimes it's so nice not to share!

Adélie teapot, € 33.80 *, Amadeus

Setting the table at tea time is always a pleasure! Play the card of contrasts, by placing this porcelain teapot on a tangy tablecloth. Cheerful and sparkling, the table for your tea time will be just like you.

Tea box, € 56.80 *, Amadeus

With its heart shape, this tea box does not hide anything from its intentions. His one and only goal? Treat yourself at snack time! Its compartments will house your favorite tea essences, like so many little treasures. Are you curious and want to see our entire tea time selection? It's over there !