Tutorial: a small wooden furniture and copper tubes

Tutorial: a small wooden furniture and copper tubes

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If plumbing sometimes rhymes with small or big concerns, it can surprisingly take on a completely different role in decoration. The copper tubes have in particular a refined color and an industrial aspect which completely correspond to current trends. Today, we are going to learn how to create a small piece of furniture with wood and copper tubes.


- a wooden board 40 cm long, 35 cm wide and 2 cm thick - 2 copper tubes of 200 cm and 16 mm in diameter - 6 copper tee fittings of 16 mm in diameter - 8 90 ° elbow fittings 16 mm in diameter - a pipe cutter that can open more than 16 mm - a measuring tape - adhesive tape Budget: around 35 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by cutting the following pieces from the copper tubes: - 6 pieces of 35 cm - 6 pieces of 7.5 cm - 2 pieces of 25 cm - 2 pieces of 15 cm Our tip: to optimize the cutting of the tubes, cut five 35 cm pieces and a 25 cm piece on the first tube. Cut all the other pieces on the second tube.

2. Once the tubes have been cut, prepare them for assembly. Our tip: put a small piece of tape at the ends of the tubes to create more resistance and secure them well.

3. The structure of the furniture is made up of two squares connected to each other by three 35 cm pieces. The wooden board rests on the two upper pieces. Assemble the first square. To do this, take a 35 cm piece and add an elbow fitting at each end to create the first side of the square. Continue on the left side with a 25 cm piece, a t-fitting facing upwards, a 7.5 cm piece and finally an elbow fitting turned to the right. Build the third side by fixing a 35 cm piece in the elbow fitting, then fix another elbow fitting facing down at its end. Finally, finish the fourth side with a 7.5 cm piece, a tee fitting facing up, a 15 cm piece, again a tee fitting facing up and finally and a 7.5 cm piece. Repeat the same operations to create the second square but inverting the two sides with the tee fittings so that they can face each other.

4. Assemble the two squares with the last three 35 cm pieces.

5. Place the wooden board on the two upper pieces. Depending on the type of wood used and the desired finish, you can apply a layer of oil or varnish. Our tip: if you want to immobilize the board without fixing it with visible screws either, screw four small screws on the reverse at the level of the tubes on the inside.


Your little piece of furniture is now finished! Multifunction, you can also use it as a bedside table, coffee table or extra stool! Clean the copper parts regularly with a suitable product and your furniture will go through the years without problem!

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