Tutorial: making plant magnets for your fridge

Tutorial: making plant magnets for your fridge

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I don't know about you, but when I come across a fridge, I immediately see there is space available to let your creativity run free, a blank area that you can customize as you wish. And as at home, I never have enough plants, I had the idea to add a touch of green in my kitchen by making magnets using cork stoppers serving as support for small shoots plant. It's simple, quick and then you never have enough magnets on the fridge, right?


- Cork stoppers - Plants (preferably fatty) - A precision cutter - Strong glue for all materials - A little moist soil - Round and flat magnets - A pair of scissors

Budget: 10 to 15 euros for 6 magnet caps Duration: 5 minutes per cap


1. To make your plant magnet, incise your stopper using your precision cutter. Make a central circle with a depth of about a centimeter.

2. Scrape the hole made with your cutter to get a good depth.

3. Put a point of strong glue in the middle of the height of your cap.

4. Quickly apply a magnet to the tip of the glue then leave a constant pressure for 2 minutes. Leave to dry for another minute.

5. Insert a little moist potting soil into the hole in your plug.

6. Cut a small sprout from your plant, leaving a fairly long stem. Use a toothpick to facilitate insertion if necessary. Thanks to it you can create an ideal location to then slide your stem into the moist soil.


And There you go ! Your vegetable magnet is ready to decorate your interior and bring a breath of freshness to your decoration. In terms of maintenance, lightly mist your shoot and potting soil daily. You can infinitely vary the varieties of plants, flowers and even vegetable sprouts to enhance your salads, depending on the season! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your pretty plant magnets via our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!


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