All our tips for effectively cleaning your washing machine

All our tips for effectively cleaning your washing machine

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Your washing machine is like your body: "it doesn't smell good when it's not clean". But, let's be honest, if we care about our personal hygiene on a daily basis, we don't worry about our machine until the joints are black; and you might as well say that it is the equivalent of washing your feet only when the first mushrooms appear. Fortunately, it is never too late to learn the right steps to properly clean your washing machine. With a few tips, find a clean and healthy machine.

Cleaning the washing machine

Our washing machine devours absolutely everything we give it: hair, handkerchiefs, stuffed animals and sometimes even a few socks. Except that dirt is like the fat of our favorite dishes, it is not always digested very well and it tends to be stored. It is therefore important to tackle the heart of the problem at least twice a year by cleaning your entire machine. To clean the interior of your washing machine with natural products, simply rotate it empty by choosing a cycle at 90 ° C and adding, directly into the drum, either vinegar either from baking soda . For the vinegar, simply pour 1 liter into the drum - with a few drops of essential oils to perfume - and start the cycle. For the bicarbonate, drop 2 tablespoons with a half a lemon in a sock before turning the washing machine. This will clean your machine while deodorizing it. You can also choose chemical solutions by adding a large handful of soda ash in a high temperature cycle. If you have bleach and a machine that opens from the top, start a hot cycle and stop when the tank is full. Add 1 liter of bleach, start again for 1 minute to mix and leave to act for an hour. Finish the cycle and find a very clean machine.

By running his machine at high temperature, we eliminate all bacteria

Maintain each part of the washing machine

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you have neglected your machine maintenance a little. And that, it quickly makes you feel it! Odors, loss of efficiency, breakdowns, all these problems can be resolved with a thorough cleaning. So, no more unnecessary spending: today, we put away the wallet and take out the elbow grease.

1. Clean the pump filter

Your machine's filter traps all dirt and therefore easily clogs. To avoid problems with water drainage or loss of efficiency in washing, it should be cleaned regularly. Bring a basin and a mop to drain the water from your machine. Remove the filter and put it to soak for 30 minutes in a White vinegar and hot water. And there, it's magic! Your filter finds a second youth. Replace it, remembering to tighten the mechanism correctly.

2. Clean the joints

The seals of your washing machine tend to get moldy because they are often in contact with water. To clean blackened joints, you can use a cloth soaked in bleach and D'Hot water and rub. For the most difficult to reach parts, take out the toothbrush. Dip it in the mixture and scrape. The mold should completely disappear.

3. Remove the deposit from the tank

You don't necessarily think of cleaning the drawers of your washing machine and yet, deposits accumulate there easily. To wash the tank, nothing could be easier since most washing machine tanks are removable. Remove it and, using a toothbrush soaked in White vinegar , remove all dirt. Before putting it back, remember to wipe it well.

4. Wash the Drum

To effectively clean the drum of your washing machine, simply rotate a cycle at 90 ° C with White vinegar (like cleaning the entire machine) and adding coarse salt directly into the drum.

To find a healthy machine, all you need is a little white vinegar and coarse salt

5. Clean the drain hose

The drain hose may be responsible for bad odors. It is therefore recommended to clean it once or twice a year. Before you start cleaning it, make sure it does not show signs of wear or cracks. If so, the only solution is to replace it. If no mark is visible, you can remove the accumulated dirt with a bottlebrush .

Tips for preventing dirt from depositing in the washing machine

You brush your teeth twice a day; you wash your hair regularly; you often clean your ears… Why should your washing machine not also be entitled to its beauty routine? To prevent bad smells and the appearance of mold, just follow these tips: - Before each wash, I think to check that I have not left anything in the pockets. - I do not overdose detergent on my machine otherwise I risk clogging the washing machine. - To kill all the bacteria, I run a cycle at 90 ° C twice a month. - On a daily basis, I put a little bicarbonate in my machine to fight against tartar.


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