Lavibien, the art and the way of cooking

Lavibien, the art and the way of cooking

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Lavibien celebrates its 80th anniversary this year, on this occasion Philippe Arduino, its commercial director, gives us its recommendations in terms of cuisine. What could be better than an experienced cook passionate about gastronomy, wine and design to give advice on the subject? Philippe Arduino has built his whole life around interior decoration and tableware. Lavibien is the right continuity. Above all, and for those who still doubt it, "yes, cooking is a primordial space where it is important to feel good". The 600m2 showroom is therefore in keeping with this interior philosophy "it is a real welcoming and warm place to live: we give free cooking lessons, we do tastings".

Are you starting out in the layout of your kitchen? "Take your time, ask the advice of professionals, but don't be too sparse either. Because everyone has their own way of doing things and that could risk losing you more than anything else". Indeed, it is important to deal with real professionals: contrary to popular belief, cooking is above all a question of carpentry.

Then, Philippe Arduino's personalized method is unstoppable: "First I go to meet the client, I listen to their preferences in terms of atmosphere and colors. The following week I propose a project that I designed Then I adapt the layout according to its budget and not the other way around. " Indeed, here, the qualified know-how is available and adapts to all portfolios: a kitchen with a very high-end line at an average price is therefore possible.

"Don't be afraid to be creative!" Concludes Philippe Arduino. Before clarifying, a decorator at heart, that with modern kitchens open to the house, it is important to ensure harmony. "Prefer sober colors for a clean line and decorate with a few touches of color or material", with a worktop imitation waxed concrete, wood or even facades in imitation polished stainless steel, very trendy this year.

For its 80th anniversary, for a purchased kitchen Lavibien offers discounts on all Miele appliances and offers delivery, installation as well as De Buyer kitchen accessories. Contact : Lavibien, Parc Areal, 18 rue du Doubs, 67100 Strasbourg Telephone: 03 88 55 90 95 Site: