4 feet infinitely multiplied: the equation for a cozy house

4 feet infinitely multiplied: the equation for a cozy house

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It was in Rennes, in 1982, that the first of 24 4 Pieds stores was born, a brand specializing in customizable tables, chairs and stools. Far from the paths marked out with disposable furniture, the company remains faithful to a know-how and a family spirit. So, how to choose the right tables, chairs and stools?

Choose your chair according to your lifestyle

Ivanne Lucas and her brother Franck are making the heart of the company founded by their parents beat today. Here, it is impossible not to find the right shoe "as the depth of the range is important". For example, "a chair can be available in 2500 versions, you can choose the color of the feet or the covering", explains Bruno Daniaux, network manager. "Personalization is a strong positioning to which we are very attached. Each customer must be able to find a product which corresponds to him", then tells us Ivanne Lucas.

Manufacturing: a guarantee of quality

The quality of manufacture is essential to create a comfortable, durable and resistant piece of furniture. With its historical expertise, the brand has worked with most of its suppliers for over 20 years. "95% of them are French and European". They are handpicked in order to offer qualitative products to its customers. To find out, it is best to test them, as the manager of the Nantes store reminds us: "The concepts of comfort and look are essential: you must test the robustness but also the weight, an important detail in daily".

What if we have children? "We opt for washable materials, such as synthetic fabrics or innovative plastic materials". Again, these materials have been carefully chosen to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Expertise in the profession: an asset to be well advised

As soon as you enter the store, you feel that customer satisfaction at all levels remains the priority. Here, the advisers know their products at their fingertips: "We know all the characteristics of our tables, chairs and stools in order to be able to meet all the needs of customers, as soon as they pass the door". From assembly to delivery, it is often the same person who accompanies the client.

For the most undecided, the brand also offers the loan of furniture in order to test it at home before deciding. "The sense of service is essential", as Franck Lucas likes to remind us Contact :


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