Before / after: a friendly kitchen for a small apartment

Before / after: a friendly kitchen for a small apartment

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In a small apartment, it is often difficult to have a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetic. Here the architects have managed to transform a dark and tiny kitchen into a real little place of practical and warm life! In Paris, small areas are legion! We are here in a typical apartment of 31 m2, located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The partitioned kitchen is sorely lacking in light and is not functional. Here, no room for a nice work plan and even less for the decor. The kitchen, confined in 5 m2, does not make you dream and you only spend the time it takes to heat a dish. The objective? Transform this dark and not very functional "kitchen corner" into a real warm place to live, open to the rest of the apartment, all with a budget of € 4,000.

A tiny and not very functional kitchen

The original kitchen is in a tiny room of 5 m2. Equipped with basic equipment, the floor is covered with white tiles, the sink and its drainer are made of standard stainless steel and the furniture is made of laminated chipboard. The whole is sad and cold but the room is fishing especially by its absence of natural light.

BEFORE: unwelcoming, the kitchen is very drab due to ineffective lighting and rudimentary equipment.

Open up to obtain an open kitchen

The advantage of recent monobloc constructions is that their partitions are rarely a load-bearing wall. Often made of plasterboard, they therefore leave the opportunity to arrange the overall volume of two adjoining rooms differently. The priority of the site was therefore to open up the room to save space. A closed kitchen volume with closed cumulus housing, in 5 m2 represents a loss of depth and considerable space for a small apartment! The removal of the partitions thus made it possible to gain freedom of movement and space, but also to recover the brightness of the adjoining room. For the kitchen itself, this means an additional 1 m2. Which may not seem like much, and yet makes a great difference! Place is made for a functional and more convivial kitchen.

AFTER: the space saving is significant, the opening on the main access and the living room widens the visual field.

"Verticalize" to gain storage space

The decompartmentalization and the opening make it possible to create a beautiful volume which leaves room for storage previously absent, while enhancing the volume acquired. Hanging cupboards have been added to the walls, to take advantage of the verticality without giving an impression of narrowness. In addition, the worktop and the sink have been shuttered in order to obtain even more storage space. This space saving allows integrating a bar, open on the living room. The kitchen then gains in conviviality: it is now possible to communicate from one room to another, even to take a seat around the bar to discuss or eat a bite. But the bar can also be used to store dishes and other kitchen utensils. It also acts as a work plan, very useful to spread out when you are started in the preparation of a meal for several! It also creates a "console surface" that can be decorated with flowers or trinkets, these little details that make everyday life more cheerful.

AFTER: the use of the height under the ceiling made it possible to optimize the storage spaces.

Lighting for a convivial kitchen

The absence of direct natural light makes it necessary to enhance this space with specific lighting. A false ceiling has therefore been added to integrate spotlights: essential for cooking comfortably! In addition, the false ceiling that extends beyond the kitchen, to the corridor, allows to widen the perspective, whether one is on the kitchen side or the living room side. The light from each of the two spaces thus benefits the other. Finally, the choice of finishes, materials and colors such as lacquered white - which reflects light - make it possible to accentuate this impression of space and light which makes the kitchen more convivial and warm.

AFTER: between the kitchen and the living room, the bar becomes a real dining area that you want to invest for dinner, or to chat while someone else is working behind the stove! Despite constraints related to the size of the apartment, it was therefore possible to arrange a kitchen with a large storage capacity, to enlarge the living space and create a dining area. All for a reasonable budget. Enjoy your meal everybody ! Learn more: Architect: Patty Martinvalet Architect D.E.H.M.O.N.P Société PMV Architecture workshop www.pmv.archi Photographer: Joanna Zielinska Works: Focus Habitat