Adopt nature decor

Adopt nature decor

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Nature has never been so trendy in interior design. This is nothing new on the decorative planet: the country or country style from which it derives has never disappeared. Today more than ever, nature decor fits into any interior and complements all styles!

Natural decor, ally of all styles

The natural decoration trend is suitable for old as well as contemporary interiors, in town or in the countryside, because this trend refers more to a lifestyle than to a decorative style. It widens its furrow pushed by our sharpened consciences with ecological stakes, slow movements (slow life, slow design…) which remind us to take time, the desire for less and better. Concretely in decoration, this translates into a desire to go to the basics, to find sure values, to purify and introduce elements into your home with reference to nature. The goal is simple: to feel better at home in a peaceful interior.

Store, sort, purify

In the idea of ​​purifying its interior, the natural decoration is a lot of feng shui, but also of the current Scandinavian style which favors simple, functional and beautiful interiors. We put away, we sort, we throw, we dust to keep only things that we really care about and that serve us. We highlight simple objects, vases, candlesticks, pretty plates ... through staging that we have on a low sideboard or wall shelves. We hide the disorder in pretty white or mat wood cabinets. The decor trend is marked by its simplicity: no need to multiply objects to obtain a pleasant interior. It takes little to be happy !

Opt for natural tones and raw materials

Whether for the choice of materials or colors, we are inspired by the universe of nature by opting for raw materials (wood, steel, stone ...) and natural materials (all natural fibers, porcelain ...), and choosing instead neutral, soft colors that can be contrasted with blacks or brown. The natural decor therefore uses the codes of the "countryside" style, but by modernizing them. We like objects and weathered furniture that have a history, but also Scandinavian style furniture with pure lines and light wood. In general, we favor authentic materials.

Introducing nature into your home

Whether in town or in the countryside, the idea is to multiply the references to nature We can create an indoor garden by bringing in the plants, but if we don't have a green thumb, all the reasons "Botanical" plants or animals have the same effect. Today, nature decor is divided as much between exotic decoration as "family home" decoration: palm or oak leaves, everyone will find their preferences. Cushions with plant motifs are mixed with natural textiles such as linen. Finally, hang a few frames on the walls, by sliding a dried branch. Traditional or tropical, the decorative trend has no boundaries! For more decor tips, don't hesitate to visit Turbulences Déco, Clémence's blog.

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