KesKes, the cabinet of curiosity concept store in Marseille

KesKes, the cabinet of curiosity concept store in Marseille

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But what is KesKes? It is a new kind of curiosity cabinet, mixing objects and concepts that make sense and tell a story. Concretely, two enthusiasts of design and decoration, Fayçal and Hinda Benarbia, have found objects, furniture and original creations for all budgets, which they have gathered in a store like no other. These little wonders are to be discovered at the Docks Village, 10 place de la Joliette, in Marseille.

From vintage to design

The two Parisians on the initiative of KesKes fell in love with Marseille and interior decoration. So they decided to group their favorites in an unusual place, a real bazaar you can find everything and at all prices. Vintage lovers will find retro lamps and furniture, while aficionados of contemporary interiors will fall for the creations of emerging brands.

Decorate your interior in a unique way

Deco yes, but for all rooms of the house! KesKes brings together a very original selection of accessories (cushions, throws, knick-knacks, etc.), crockery, linens, lighting and furniture for all tastes. Kitchen, bedroom, living room but also bathroom or outdoor space, no room was left to chance.

All the elements present have been gleaned here and there in antique shops and flea markets or second-hand in flea markets and garage sales so that you can shop for unique pieces like a Swedish bike with bright wheels!

Advocating noble and ecological materials

Among the products offered at Docks Marseille, there are many that display natural and resolutely ecological materials. We adore seagrass rugs to decorate a living room, Jungle Art plant suspensions or even Linen linen with Harmony branded linen as well as the ranges designed in recycled cotton, velvet and felt of the Mushkane brand.

For more information, visit the Docks Village website.


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