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1.Jileni red Yodeco soup bowl for sale on Amazon € 27.90 2.China bowl for children Bandjo Atomic Soda collection € 6.90 3.Lot of six deep paragraph striped plates € 21.54 4.Black + Blum Thermo for take your Black Blum soup available on Amazon € 35.90 5.Green soup bowl with spoon B AND W on sale on La Redoute € 6.29 6.Double plate for children Winnie L'Ourson Auchan € 5.75 7.Foot mixer MQ300 Soup Braun for sale on Darty € 32.27 8.Set of six tablespoons in stainless steel Laguiole Jean Dubost for sale on PromoFlash83 € 29.95 9.Bento thermo-soup thermo Luntus rouge Amazon € 25.13 10.Spoon Brabantia for sale on Fonq € 12.90

A very specific tableware

The soup is a starter and / or a dish that is eaten with very special utensils. Whether it's for you or for your guests, it's all a question of presentation! Fall in love with pretty designer soup plates, silver soup spoons, soup tureen and colorful soup bowls. Also remember to provide accessories to take and transport your soup to the office with dedicated thermos.

We don't forget the little ones!

Because soup makes them grow and allows children to eat vegetables, do not hesitate to make them eat good soups. To make them more appetizing in the eyes of children a little difficult, bet everything on funny and fun utensils. Choose a deep plate of their favorite cartoon characters, a colorful tablespoon or animal-shaped bowls.


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