A robotic mower for my lawn

A robotic mower for my lawn

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Tired of spending the weekends mowing your large lawn? Invest in a robotic lawnmower, which will do the job on its own, and for perfect results. Jean-Christophe Gros, marketing director at Husqvarna, helps us understand how it works.

What is the principle of robotic or automatic mowers?

It is simply a mower that mows the grass for you, with the minimum of human intervention. Robots are democratizing and technology is advancing, but it's not new. Husqvarna has sold them since 1995.

How does a robotic lawnmower work?

It is charged on a charging station which remains in place. Then the robotic lawnmower moves alone in the garden. Just recharge it when the battery is empty. The most advanced models come alone to recharge on their base when the autonomy weakens, which is very practical because we do not need to monitor if its mower has stopped, or to look for it when we have a large lot , or to carry it to its base. You can program your mower to mow at night, for example, or at the frequency you choose.

Can the robotic lawnmower avoid obstacles?

If it comes up against a particular tree or terrain, the robotic lawnmower will start off randomly. In the case of flowerbeds and beds, it is better to delimit its perimeter of action in order to prevent it from cutting the flowers. We then use a special cable that leaves the charging station, that we fix it on the ground all around the areas to be avoided, and that we reconnect to the station. Very discreet, this cable is overlooked by garden users but not by the mower for which it represents an obstacle.

Can the robotic lawnmower mow tall grass?

The principle of the robot is not to wait until the grass is high. Experience shows that mowing always starts a little earlier in the season for robot users. Nothing more normal since it requires no effort. Of course, we can mow 10 cm grass occasionally. But then, the robotic mower is intended to mow very regularly, every day or every two days, in order to prevent the grass from growing. And you can adjust the cutting height.

Does the robotic lawnmower collect grass?

No, because the grass is cut so finely that it can remain on the ground, thus becoming a natural substrate. The "mulching" thus obtained reduces the growth of mosses, lichens and weeds. Regular use of the robotic lawnmower improves the quality of the lawn, which is denser and greener. Small additional advantage: the robot and its low voltage peripheral cable seem to repel certain animals that we do not like to have in its gardens like moles or slugs.

Isn't the robotic lawnmower dangerous for children or pets?

If the mower is secure, as is the case with Husqvarna, then there is no danger. All our clippers with retractable razor blades. If the mower is lifted, the cutting device stops automatically. Similarly, if it is turned over, with the advantage of the blades which retract, preventing the risk of injury. We can also pair this device with an audible alarm signal, and on higher-end models we will have an SMS that immediately warns you on your mobile.

Do the robot mower models differ depending on the surface of the garden?

Yes. There are models for different surfaces, with more or less autonomy. At Husqvarna, we offer five models, all 100% automatic with integrated charging station, for surfaces ranging from 500 m² to 6000 m².

How does a robotic lawnmower maintain itself?

If you buy a quality model from a specialist in gardening, for example, he will offer to help you get started and will also take care of maintenance once a year.

How much does a robotic lawnmower cost?

There are some at very different prices. At Husqvarna, the first model for a surface area of ​​around 500 m² is sold at a price of € 1,499. Find out more: Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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