Red, black and white: a pop style for my first apartment

Red, black and white: a pop style for my first apartment

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The pop wave is back and the decoration goes from the plate to the room dressed in three very popular colors: red, black and white. Rich in symbol but also synonymous with elegance, these three colors will give the pop atmosphere sought for your first apartment.

Pop, a current in its own right

Pop is a trend inspired by the retro years, synonymous with festivities and good humor. Art is a beautiful representation of it and it is not Andy Warhol who will tell us the opposite! The decor has taken the plunge and offers bright colors on the background of lacquered furniture, original objects with often rounded shapes.

" In red and black "

Red and black, two colors inseparable from literature, song but also decoration. Red, the warm color par excellence, will set the tone for your apartment. It is not for nothing that this color is assimilated to passion. Black, too often equated with sadness, is very chic for decorating an interior. It is one of the essential colors on which you will have to rely to obtain the pop effect.

I see life in white too!

White, a symbol of purity par excellence, is also a color symbol of elegance. Back on the highest steps of the decoration podium, we never tire of it as the white lights up and dresses.

Guaranteed effects and ambiance

Lacquered, satin effect, colorful and design atmosphere, the essential red, black and white trio can dress up every corner of your apartment. The hardest thing ultimately will be to make choices as there are so many. As proof, this shopping specially concocted to give you inspiration. Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"


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