I want a shoe cabinet for my entry!

I want a shoe cabinet for my entry!

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1. Trones Ikea 3-piece shoe cabinet € 29.90 2. Kopren Miliboo shoe cabinet € 119 3. White Aldo Delamaison shoe cabinet € 75 4. Arkos shoe cabinet n ° 7 All my furniture € 199 5. Shelf Tojo Connox shoe € 219 6. Brusali Ikea shoe cabinet € 60 7. Sko Normann Copenhagen shoe storage € 215 8. Nano Conforama shoe rack € 36.99 9. Tsusig Ikea shoe rack € 35 10. Sydney shoe rack white / oak But 139.99 €

Shoe cabinet, chest or shelf

It's decided, you want to organize your entry and finally find a piece of furniture that will welcome the shoes right from the door. But before proceeding to purchase, know that there are different types of furniture that will more or less match your needs and your budget. The cheapest option is to opt for a simple shoe rack on which you will place your pairs. There are different sizes and its summary nature allows you to find for around thirty euros. Only drawback, it is not the most aesthetic solution since your shoes will be visible. You will nevertheless find ultra design models like the Normann Copenhagen shelf and its Scandinavian spirit, but the prices then rise. To make your shoes disappear from view of your entrance, two options: the trunk or the wardrobe. Both are in the form of a real piece of furniture with doors for storing discreetly. The trunk will however take up more space but can then be used as a bench in the entrance. As for the wardrobe, it is more discreet thanks to its fine dimensions and exists in many styles.

Practical but also aesthetic!

If you want above all to equip yourself for practical reasons, do not neglect style. The good news is that there are very decorative pieces of furniture that will dress your entrance wonderfully. Total white, black or wood look for a discreet chic, cabinet style furniture or combination of materials for a Scandinavian design style ... You have the choice!

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