Trend: mix prints

Trend: mix prints

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The prints once considered incompatible are no longer so! To be trendy, play with prints by mixing them at will. They are available everywhere in the house, on textiles and around the table especially. Flowers, stripes, tiles and dots, we mix everything!

Table art

A breath of fresh air is blowing on tableware. Give your table decoration country airs and somewhat bohemian tones by combining liberty with other patterns. Also mix the colors. The Danish brand Green gate represents this trend very well. Find their collections of dishes and linens on the site Scandinavian style.

Living room

This season, do not hesitate to brighten up your living room with small patchwork style cushions from Miss Bubble (38.99 euros) or with the brand's liberty models Hello my cushion (26.40 euros). Choose according to the tone of your interior tart tones or softer colors.


In the bedroom, you will also find duvet covers in this spirit, especially at Vertbaudet with the "trailer dream" model for children (21 euros). Note for adults a liberty model at Mania bedding (44 euros). Also think of the cushions on a plain bed.


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