Dulux Valentine enriches its range of Architect paints

Dulux Valentine enriches its range of Architect paints

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Because the architect combines colors and materials, Dulux Valentine has chosen to draw inspiration from it for his latest range of paintings. A wide range of colors and paints with wood, metal and concrete effect, here is the Architect range offered by Dulux Valentine. And if it were reserved for rooms such as the living room or bedroom, two lines now enrich it, one for wet rooms such as bathroom and kitchen , the other for outdoors . The line reserved for the bathroom and the kitchen is an acrylic painting. Its formulation based on high quality pigments gives it a strong resistance combined with aesthetics and comfort of application. The protective film protects against mold even in the event of strong condensation. 12 shades are available. The 2 liter pot costs 46.90 euros. On the garden side, two types of paintings are available. The first, intended for wooden supports , has a formula enriched with alkyd resins guaranteeing it a strong color stability over time . It is used for a wooden pergola or siding for example. This range is available in 21 satin shades at a price of 22.90 euros / 0.5 liters. For metallic objects, Dulux Valentine also has a solution in its Architect range. Intended for non-galvanized ferrous metals , the Architect iron special paint offers enhanced impact resistance, an anti-corrosion formula and UV protection. Available in 21 brilliant shades, the 0.5 liter jar costs 22.90 euros.


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