Grandma's tip: what to do with my coffee grounds?

Grandma's tip: what to do with my coffee grounds?

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Do not throw away your coffee filter! Beyond its fertilizing capacity when used as a fertilizer for plants, coffee grounds prove to be a natural and effective household product. It is an ecological material that allows you to clean your interior at a lower cost, avoiding additional waste. Here are our tips for making your home shine with coffee grounds.

Tip n ° 1: Clean its interior with coffee grounds

Once your filter coffee is finished, let your coffee grounds cool down, do not throw it away and put a little on a cloth. Clean your greasy objects, being careful not to scratch them by pressing too hard, or your kitchen elements and your worktop. For your furniture or parquet, mix marc with lukewarm water to form a paste that you will apply to the wood.

Tip 2: Coffee grounds to eliminate bad smells

Like baking soda, coffee grounds absorb food odors. You can therefore place it in a small jar that you will put in the refrigerator to stop bad smells from the fridge or put a pile in the bottom of a kitchen bin. You can also place a cup of coffee grounds in poorly ventilated places that quickly smell musty like a laundry room or a closet.

Tip 3: Degrease your kitchen and dishes

Coffee grounds are a powerful degreaser that will get rid of dirty pots or cooking plates. Rub your stove, pressure cooker, frying pan well… with a sponge.

Tip 4: Scrub your chimney

A little marc can also facilitate the cleaning (not always obvious) of your chimney. After moistening it, apply a little along the walls of the fireplace. This will magically capture the ashes, in addition to cleaning the walls.

Tip 5: Unclog the pipes

To unblock but also stop unpleasant odors from your piping, coffee grounds are formidable. Pour hot water and marc in your kitchen sink or bathroom sink and you will breathe your pipes.