6 grandmother tips to clean your mirrors

6 grandmother tips to clean your mirrors

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First of all: dust before cleaning

Before unsheathing your household products for clean the mirrors of your home, an important step is essential: that of dusting. Indeed, cleaning a dusty mirror does not mean much.

So let's go for a dry cloth (microfiber if possible) on the entire surface of your mirror to remove volatile dust.

Tip # 1: clean a mirror with lemon

The first miracle ingredient for clean a mirror without buying commercially available household chemicals is… in your kitchen! To make your mirrors look like new, take a lemon from your fruit bowl and cut it in half. Then moisten a cloth with the juice of the fruit, then rub your mirror with the damp cloth. Finally, wipe the surface with a dry cloth. There you go, your mirror is already shining brightly, and it's all clean!

Tip n ° 2: shine a mirror with Meudon white

The second magic product for effortlessly clean a mirror is mainly found in organic stores (or organic departments of supermarkets) and costs around 3 euros per jar: it is blanc de Meudon, also known as blanc de Toulouse, blanc de Troyes, blanc de Champagne , white marl, or chalk white, a very effective eco-detergent well known to grannies who have used it all over the house for decades.

The magic recipe to clean your mirrors with this white powder? 250 grams of white Meudon mixed added to 1/2 glass of soap (in the form of flakes). Mix everything in a container filled with hot water then rub your mirror with the paste obtained. Wow effect guaranteed once the mirror is rinsed and dried!

Tip 3: Clean a mirror with newspaper

If you want to have very clean mirrors at home, above all, take the reflex to never throw away your old newspapers! Indeed, to easily clean a mirror, you can impregnate a few crumpled pages with a glass cleaner, or even better, with white vinegar. Rub normally, and enjoy the result!

Tip 4: a shiny mirror thanks to glycerin

If you are tired of seeing traces on your favorite mirrors, glycerin is for you! For clean a mirror with glycerin, nothing too complicated: a soft cloth impregnated with this healthy household product, a little elbow grease to rub and presto, your mirrors will be like new!

Tip 5: the potato to clean your mirrors

Along with lemon, the potato is one of the foods that can allow you to clean a mirror without having to invest in an industrial cleaner. To keep your mirrors clean and shiny, don't hesitate to use this grandmother's tip: cut a raw potato and rub the surface of your mirror with one of the pieces. When the action is complete, clean with a cloth very slightly moistened with diluted white vinegar. And that's the job!

Tip n ° 6: perfect mirrors thanks to ammonia

You may not know it, but mixed with a little water, ammonia is a product that can do wonders against fingerprints or grease on mirrors. A product to always have in your kitchen, even if its smell is not really the most pleasant!