What color of parquet to choose?

What color of parquet to choose?

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Warm and aesthetic, the parquet does not go out of fashion and is still as popular. Today, wood species are multiplying and with them the different colors of parquet. A quick overview of the possibilities to choose the color of your parquet knowingly with Design Parquet.

The parquet floors in cold shades

From light gray almost white parquet to black parquet, the palette of cold colors has greatly extended for parquet floors. Very trendy, these floors are in great demand. Side colors on the walls, the choice is vast.

The parquet floors in warm shades

These are the parquet floors that we see most in old houses or old apartments. From exotic dark red wood to very light blond wood, the range is also wide. Be careful however with the colors of the walls. Cool shades like purple for example, do not really match an orange-yellow parquet.

Clear parquet floors

Gray, blonde or even bleached, the light parquet floors bring a soft and warm atmosphere, especially if the walls are also in neutral colors. To choose also in contrast with a color supported on a wall of the room for example.

Dark parquet floors

From exotic red woods to dark, almost black woods, dark parquet floors are less common than the others. The choice of such a parquet should be made after careful consideration as to the wall coverings and the decoration of the room in general. Be careful with the combination of very dark parquet and walls with strong colors. The rendering can be very aesthetic but delicate to achieve; it is not suitable for all interiors.