Adopt the pop trend for your bathroom

Adopt the pop trend for your bathroom

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Frank colors, generous shapes, pop-culture, the bathroom is the ideal room for a decor full of cheerfulness ... Our tips to get you started!

What is POP decor

It is one of the trends of the moment : a free, colorful and regressive decoration with simple shapes that warm the atmosphere! So if you like bright and frank colors (turquoise, anise green, yellow, purple, orange, blue) and serigraphed paintings in Warhol, you are ready for the pop decor and its childish and tangy style! Furniture that is both functional, fun and dynamic, it's possible! Opt for furniture with generous lines and shapes, inspired by the 60s or 70s and sprinkled with a hint of vintage decor ... Create your own palette with quirky and vibrant colors, because don't forget that the common thread of decor pop is undoubtedly the energy and the good humor that emerges from it.

Bring pop in your bathroom

We spend an average of one hour a day in our bathroom: it is the ideal room to bring cheerfulness through a more atypical decor. To create a pop atmosphere, you have to play the fantasy card . Either by choosing a set of colorful, toned blue or pink furniture like the Case range, pep's and chic at the same time with its very pop glossy laminate finish. Furniture with geometric shapes, design and refined. You can also integrate pop decor touches : a wall painted with energizing colors, pop art posters with slogans à la Roy Lichtenstein or 100% Comics (SHEBAM! POW! BLOP! WIZZ!), a purple or blue LED mirror, a shower curtain with multicolored polka dots… it it only takes a little to boost the decor of a room and enhance more classic furniture.

Finally, why not opt ​​for mismatched bath linen, or several round flashy carpets paving the way between the bathtub and the washbasin, see an offset toilet seat. In short, nothing could be easier than playing intelligently with cheerful and invigorating accessories!

Some tips for a successful pop decor

As your room will be ultra-colorful, bet on a sober floor (stoneware, white tiles, clear laminate parquet ...). Be careful not to overload your decor and fall into kitsch! Similarly, if your furniture is very pepsy, opt for a more neutral wall paint and plain and minimalist bathroom accessories, such as a shower cubicle or a white bathtub. On the contrary, if your furniture is white, do not skimp on the color for the rest of your furniture. The ideal is to play on three or four well-matched colors, as we explain here. So now, use your imagination and have fun in the most pop spirit there is!

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