For a modern and graphic white dining room, get inspired!

For a modern and graphic white dining room, get inspired!

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Does your dining room seem a bit dark? Does your dining room seem too ordinary? Does your dining room not reflect your pronounced taste for ultra modern decor? A radical change is needed! To these 3 problems, you can answer with the trend of "white lacquer". First, the white lacquer will allow you to make your room brighter. In addition, this clear and glossy tone (which therefore plays with the reflections of light) will give you the feeling of a more spacious dining room. Finally, this finish will inevitably bring a very contemporary look to your decor. Let's see in more detail what you will need for a white, modern and graphic dining room . - The white lacquered furniture is the undisputed guarantor of an ultra modern style in your dining room. This clear and shiny finish is reminiscent of sleek, minimalist, large and sometimes even cold interiors. Nothing like it if you want a very contemporary dining room. - For a slightly more industrial style, you can easily combine this white lacquered finish with silver tones of stainless steel. You will find, for example, very easily white lacquered furniture with stainless steel legs. - By playing with the white / black contrast decorative objects, as well as on pretty geometric patterns , you will get a dining room with a very graphic style. - The modern style is akin to a clear and sufficiently minimalist space. This is why it is useless to overlay decorative object on decorative object! - If you think that the whole is too cold for your taste, add a carpet (which should however remain very graphic)! Its warm material will contrast with the smooth material of the furniture and will warm the whole dining room. Get inspired!


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