Our tips for protecting plants from the cold

Our tips for protecting plants from the cold

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Even if the sun is still shining and the temperatures are more than mild, winter is waiting for us! In a few weeks, it will settle in and we will be cold, just like our plants. These must be protected. How? 'Or' What ? To help you, we went to Truffaut. There, we met Pierre who gave us lots of advice and tips.

Why is it essential to protect plants from the cold?

It is imperative to protect the plants. Even if nature is well done, and the plants enter vegetative rest in winter, they must be given a boost. It's simple, it's not expensive and in the spring, all your plants will be healthy!

Should all plants be protected?

It depends on the plants and the temperatures that prevail in winter. Trees that lose their leaves in winter are the strongest plants, so protecting them is not essential. You have to be very careful in case of frost because this is when the most fragile plants can deteriorate or die.

How to protect these fragile plants?

There are a multitude of solutions! Small plants can be protected by installing a plant mulch which will reduce the infiltration of cold into the soil. This mulch can be bought in garden centers, it is then composed of bark. It can also be homemade and consist of dead leaves. In addition to protecting plants from the cold, mulching turns into fertilizer. It's really ideal!

What to do with potted plants?

Simply put them in the shelter. This can be in a garage, a storeroom or a place with little exposure to the garden. Pay attention to your back when moving the pots! Continue to maintain your potted plants. Water them only if necessary, remove the leaves and dead flowers.

Should we give fertilizers to plants?

Not in winter no. This could jeopardize their vegetative rest and considerably reduce their lifespan. If your plants really look bad, add a little potting soil and water them. You can also come to a garden center for advice! It is often case by case…

In which cases are the covers used?

The covers and net curtains allow the plants to be protected in the event of extreme cold. We always recommend them for palm trees, lemon trees, olive trees and all tropical plants.

Any last advice?

To avoid inconvenience and minimize the time spent gardening, you should pay close attention to the plants you choose. They must be adapted to your region and its climate.