Video: Create an articulated lamp with an ornamental ball

Video: Create an articulated lamp with an ornamental ball

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In a "seaside" spirit make yourself an articulated wall lamp. Ideal in an entry or on each side of the bed, it will brighten up your evenings with a soft, luminous halot. Level: Way Completion time : 2 hours Indicative cost = 30 € Necessary material : - 1 ornamental wooden ball - 1 electric cable - 1 tap connection - 1 articulated steel fitting - 1 socket - 1 terminal - 1 thermoplastic male plug Steps : - Drill a hole in the ball - Drill a second hole 5 cm from the first - Drill a hole in the base of the ornamental ball - Enlarge the first hole with a wick of a larger diameter - Pass the electric cable through the 2 holes of the ball - Attach a binet connection to the first hole and screw the rod - Screw a hinged steel connection at the end of the rod - Strip the electrical cable and screw the socket - Screw the electric wires to the terminals - Pass the end of the electric cable into the hole in the base and screw it to the thermoplastic male plug - Place the lampshade and screw the bulb The most decorative: If you do not feel like an electrician, prefer the already composed electrical systems. Decorative creation: Véronique Rambaldi


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