Store magazines conveniently and cleverly

Store magazines conveniently and cleverly

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Some families, who read magazines a lot, sometimes have a problem storing their favorite journals. It is indeed tempting to keep numbers that are of interest, collectors, or simply to keep a full year of books! There are many solutions today to avoid being overwhelmed by these pounds of glossy paper. Demonstration!

The classics

The magazine rack is part of the small furniture that has integrated our interiors for a long time. All decoration brands offer their versions of this accessory, from the simplest to the most sophisticated (favorite for the brands Matière Grise and Roche Bobois, which offer very ingenious models!). It is generally placed at the end of the sofa or in the toilet, however there are new models that attach to the wall. In wood or steel, they stage magazines thus transforming them into a decorative element in their own right: some models even give the illusion of levitating magazines!

The unusual

Faced with the sometimes too high number of journals, one can opt for their integration into existing furniture. Some furniture is indeed designed to accommodate magazines in their framework. You can also create your own furniture using glossy paper, for example by imagining a unique coffee table. Just install a wooden panel or a glass plate on four stacks of magazines securely fixed between them and voila! For recovery enthusiasts, there are also special straps that allow you to transform a stack of magazines into a solid and original seat (on sale at Fleux). Here is something to make you want to continue stacking…


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