Michaël and Salima's living room

Michaël and Salima's living room

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Black or white computer desk with glass top FURNITURE & CO 1 CU347A Table 6 Cube Armchairs covered in Chocolate fabric 1 Cupboard 4 doors CU314 1 Library CU382 1 Wenge mirror CU618 MARK CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE Design coffee table "Bilboquet" Wengé Design lamp "Kind of Magix" ABSOLUTELY DESIGN Floor: Texline Bois 2 "Noma Blanc" ref: 0515 GERFLOR 1 "Steevy" Black Chair MILIBOO 4 Curtains "Sketch" Gray 2 Cushions "Linen" Parma 2 Cushions "Rafael" Aubergine 2 Cushions "Croquis" Gray 2 rugs "Croquis" Gray HEYTENS "SAGA": 1 adjustable reading lamp 651F / 05 2 Table lamps 651T / 05 "BLIZZ": 2 Floor lamps 671F / 01 "CARNOT": 2 Table lamps 666T / 01 "JACK NOIR": 1 Lamp GL214T -BK "FIZZ": 1 Suspension 3 lights 669P3 1 Floor lamp 669F 2 Table lamps 669T MARKET SET 1 "Lemarquier Vax" glass fire screen 1 "Reignoux" log holder 1 C3400 "Forge de Rodez" broiler 1 Foyere "Forge de Rodez" grill BARBECUE & CO 1 Green Zelliges tray coffee table MPF DECO GARDEN Photo "Fez, Bab Segma" 1382 Photo "Street covered by wooden trellis in Fez, 1925" 3531 Photo "Route de la grande Palmeraie de Marrakech, 1926" 1373 Photo "Ramparts and palm trees in Marrakech, Morocco" 9117 THE PHOTO FACTORY Corner sofa E gray 955520.01 THE HOUSE OF VALERIE "Créaforge" and "Duo" Collection: 2 Créaforge Rods in Matt Black decor steel 4 Carla Duo end caps in polished natural aluminum 4 Adjustable Créaforge supports in Matt Black decor aluminum 2 Créaforge Rods in Satin Nickel decor steel 4 Créaforge End caps Aluminum spring with satin nickel decoration 4 adjustable Créaforge supports in aluminum with satin nickel decoration ATN Absolute Matt - Matt - Silex Absolute Matt - Satin - Thunderstorm Absolute Matt - Matt - Intense White Absolute Mat - Matt - Black Gold Light & Color - Satin - White DULUX VALENTINE 2 Wenge photo frames ref: 1602 Direct canvas print ACTUA CONCEPT On sale at ALINEA Wallpaper collection "Glow" 6583-29 ERISMANN Neoprene glue Hammered aluminum plates Stainless steel screws and screw covers WEBER METALS & PLASTICS Purple corner vase White corner vase Plum corner vase Vase pira bas GM Vase pira haut Vase trinité bi-color GM blanc Tray rod poeple Vase and pot ceramic bottle shape shiny white Triple dish Vase coloquinte glass plum soliflor piaf Vase toupié PM lilac COMING B Mini balloon candle jar Black orchid Mini balloon candle jar Celebration Ball candle 7 cm Blackberry Ball candle 7 cm Vanilla cream Candle garden Black orchid Small candle 3 wicks Bourbon vanilla Pillar 3 wicks Bourbon vanilla Round pillar 7x7cm Bourbon Vanilla Round Pillar 7x12cm Bourbon Vanilla Round Pillar 7x17cm Bourbon Vanilla Candle Jar Gift Vanilla Bourbon Candle Jar Gift Blackberry Candle Jar Balloon Vanilla Cream Candle Jar Balloon Blackberry Maxi Candle Vanilla Bourbon Candle Vanilla Bourbon Lampion Vanilla Bourbon Tealight candle Blackberry Tapered candle ivory 15 cm Duo of tapered candle holders Futuristic Duo of pillar holders Lyricism Candle holder 3 wicks Futuristic Set of pillar holders Obelisk Half-moon candle holder Nature Half-moon candle Blackberry Lyricism set Candle holder Mon beau Miroir Clarity Set Trio of Loft lantern holders PARTYLITE Glasses Plates Flowerpot holder Straight vase Cutlery CD range Photo holder Empty pocket Cup holder Magazine holders GIFI
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