An espresso to make without capsules and almost without electricity

An espresso to make without capsules and almost without electricity

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Coffee lovers who swear by espresso will now be able to make coffee without pods and almost without electricity! Presso is a new manual machine system that allows you to make a real espresso without generating any capsule waste. Greener, this system costs up to 8 times less in terms of coffee because coffee in sachets is much cheaper than coffee in pods. Your choice of coffee is therefore no longer limited to the brand of your machine: organic coffee, fair or cheap, it's up to you! Last major advantage, the system is completely silent which will be very appreciated in the morning or in the office. How it works ? The gesture is childishly simple and takes no more than 20 seconds. Just fill the coffee grinder. Pour the boiling water into the transparent tank. Raise the machine arms and then fold them down. Your cup is filled with a real espresso topped with its delicate cream. Dimensions: H29 cm, L21 cm. Price: 89 euros> More info on


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