A real fireplace in my garden

A real fireplace in my garden

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There is an ecological alternative to heated parasols: the outdoor fireplace, which also serves as a barbecue. Jean-Luc Suss, manager of Feu Chic Design, explains its use to us. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud.

What is an outdoor fireplace for?

Its first use is to produce heat to enjoy its garden or terrace for longer. An outdoor fireplace is more respectful of the environment than a gas heated parasol because wood is a renewable energy. In practice, our customers primarily buy our fireplaces for outdoor cooking. The chimney is equipped with casters to be able to move it very easily according to its desires. The lower part is used to store the wood.

By what principle can you heat yourself with an outdoor fireplace?

The interior of the hearth is made of vermiculite refractory stones which radiate heat constantly over two or three meters in front of the fireplace. We can therefore take advantage of this pleasant heat even when the outside temperature is low. The rear of the chimney, on the other hand, is protected from heat, which allows the chimney to be placed in front of a wall or a bay window, if desired.

Do you cook the same way with a barbecue and with your outdoor fireplaces?

Yes, but you can add all kinds of accessories to it. They are simply fixed on hinges and they pivot on an axis. The chimney is delivered with a classic round stainless steel grate. You can then add a plancha, a wok, a skewer set and an electric rotisserie. We also throw a stone with a lid to place in the hearth to serve as an oven.

Do you offer several models of outdoor fireplaces?

Our fireplace is available in black, gray or two-tone. It is available in three dimensions: 2 meters high and hearth of 60 cm in diameter, 2.35 m high and hearth of 70 cm and finally 2.75 m high and hearth of 80 cm. It is the latter that we sell the most. Especially since the price is not much higher.

How much do these outdoor fireplaces cost?

€ 2,540 for the small model, € 2,640 for the medium size and € 2,940 for the larger size.

Can we leave the fireplace outside all year round?

Yes. It was designed on purpose. The exterior is stainless steel and the finishes are extremely neat. It therefore does not get damaged.

How do you maintain your outdoor fireplace?

There is nothing to do except remove the ashes which fall into a special drawer.

Where can you buy your outdoor fireplace?

We can indicate the nearest reseller by sending an email to [email protected] We also sell our products at trade fairs, the list of which is updated on our website