When your charger takes care of the planet

When your charger takes care of the planet

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Since the arrival of mobile phones in our daily lives, electricity likes spending a little too much and causing trouble in our bills! Thanks to Oyama and its Energy Saver, learn how to save money and take care of the planet. Discovery… The mobile phone charger has been known for several years for the waste of energy it causes ... Without being aware of it, such as the drops of water from a leaky tap, electricity is wasted without count. In addition, few people are aware that a charger that remains connected to the electrical network continues to consume energy, even if the phone is no longer connected! Thanks to the ENERGY SAVER, the excessive consumption of electricity is over. Belonging to the latest generation of smart chargers, it consumes (in stand-by mode) 30 times less than a basic charger. By comparison, a traditional charger consumes on average 0.5 watts / hour, while ENERGY SAVER consumes only 0.01 watts / hour. Another significant advantage is that the charger has 9 connectors of all brands, as well as portable consoles. Consuming less electricity means consuming less energy and therefore spending less! So don't wait any longer. Recommended retail price: 19.90 euros Distributed in specialized points of sale and in large retailers


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