Make a dressing desk

Make a dressing desk

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To create, like Valérie Damidot and her team, a dressing room, you will need: 1. White melamine boards 2. Brackets and screws 3. A drill and dowels 4. Plated stainless steel plates 5. neoprene glue 6. Add a sliding wardrobe 7. Put a curtain on the dressing side 8. The office-dressing is ready

Step 1

White melamine planks

2nd step

Brackets and screws

Stage 3

A drill and dowels

Step 4

Capped stainless steel plates

Step 5

Neoprene glue

Step 6

Add a sliding wardrobe

Step 7

Put a curtain on the dressing side

Step 8

The office-dressing room is ready! Compare with walk-in closets.