Connected radios, a new decorative trend?

Connected radios, a new decorative trend?

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He has accompanied many generations during key moments in history. He made more than one dance and gathered others during important sporting moments. I named the radio station! Did you think it was outdated and cheesy? Think again, the radio crosses the decades without aging! His secret? It adapts to the new needs of consumers to adapt to the digital age and becomes connected! We tell you more…

From yesterday's radio to today's radio

Indispensable in yesterday's houses, the radio has evolved significantly in recent years. Today, it is not only intended to broadcast FM stations, the radio station is modernized and sophisticated to adapt to the uses of the new generation. This is how connected radio came into being. This radio 2.0 allows, in addition to broadcasting the different stations, to connect to the Internet. In other words, it gives access to thousands of stations and podcasts from around the world that can be found online. Do you want to listen to a particular style of music? Rather than confining yourself to only a few FM stations, connected radio offers a wide choice of music themes and adapts to your current desires. In the same way, the new generation radio can broadcast music stored on a laptop, computer or even a tablet thanks to its Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi function. Some models even offer streaming listening services via the musical platforms Deezer, Spotify or Tidal. Mobile applications have even been created to control the radio from your phone. Among the most recent models, you can even connect your radio to a voice assistant like Alexa or Google and thus control the music by speaking directly to the radio! In other words, the radio has not said its last word and intends to reclaim our interiors. To achieve this, it can count on its new functionalities which make it a faithful daily companion.

Each style of decoration, its type of radio

As you can see, radio is making a comeback in our interiors. And above all, when it wants to be connected. We no longer hide it in a closet, on the contrary, we proudly display it for use in everyday life. On the bedside table in a bedroom, on the kitchen bar, on a piece of furniture or a shelf in the living room ... The radio becomes an ally of everyday life, especially with its most innovative features. But that's not all, the radio is also a decorative object in its own right. It is not confined to one style but adapts to all types of interior. Small or imposing, retro or modern look, garish colors or sober and neutral tones… More than ever, the radio is available in all styles of decoration. Lovers of vintage style can set their sights on a model with rounded shapes and old school with, why not, part of the object in caning! The natural and Scandinavian style interiors can bet on a radio in raw wood and the design could not be more functional. As for fans of contemporary style, you can opt for a model with clean and minimalist lines.