6 planchas on the test bench

6 planchas on the test bench

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The plancha is attracting more and more thanks to its healthy cooking method and its conviviality. The offer is abundant, however, and it is not always easy to find the plancha that best meets your expectations. Is it cooked evenly? Is its plate removable? Does it have a large cooking surface? So many questions to ask when investing in a plancha. To make your task easier, here is a selection of 6 devices whose qualities and disadvantages have been reviewed. Detachable plancha, Tefal : a good value for money For a price of 76 euros, this plancha displays good power (2100 watts), a uniform plate temperature during cooking and a simplified maintenance since the plate is dishwasher safe. Plancha, Lagrange : very homogeneous cooking on the whole plate This plancha offers a homogeneous temperature on the whole surface of the plate, very practical for cooking food. The power displayed is 2100 watts. The plate does not go in the dishwasher. Plancha Ovation, Tefal : a refined design Very elegant, this plancha is made of solid wood and metal. Its cooking surface is however reduced. The plate is dishwasher safe. Plancha HD4418 Philips : a simplified maintenance This plancha is ideal for those who do not want to bother with technical details. The plate is dishwasher safe, the plancha is easily transportable when it is hot, and the documentation is well done. On the minus side, the plate is not very homogeneous when cooking food. Plancha Grill Teppanyaki, Simeo : a large cooking surface With almost 1351cm2 (51x26, 5cm) of cooking surface, this plancha can accommodate the food of many guests. In terms of power, it exceeds the 1800 watts displayed. On the other hand, on the safety side, certain parts that can be taken by hand heat up and must therefore be handled with care. Plancha KG2387, Séverin : a small price At the displayed price of 43 euros, this plancha has the advantage of not straining the budget. Its cooking surface is large. On the maintenance side, the plate does not go into the dishwasher. Continue reading on planchas and barbecues: A colorful plancha to extend the summer!, Build a barbecue in your garden, 7 gas barbecues on the test bench Prepare your summer by selecting your new plancha with our price comparison!


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