A TV with an interchangeable color frame

A TV with an interchangeable color frame

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To push the decor at home down to the smallest detail, we will not miss this brand new flat screen TV with color frames that can be changed at will! Like computers or MP 3s, TV can be customized, we can't believe our eyes! The brand new Kaméo 19 “TV from Essentiel b, Boulanger's own brand, offers, how to say…, an innovative concept: the TV becomes a decorative object thanks to these 4 interchangeable color frames. Easy to install because it is simply magnetic, this frame comes to dress your pure TV to match your decor. The decor of the TV can then become seasonal: and if we opted for the black frame in winter, for green in autumn, pink in spring and white in summer! Finally, the television can blend in with the decor as much as the format of the television allows it to adapt to small rooms: a 19-inch screen with tilting stand and glossy finish. In addition to its decorative advantages, the Kaméo 19 “has an LCD screen and integrated connections like TNT. Boulanger Kaméo 19 “Essentiel b TV, € 299 list of sales points on


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