Moving: when storage moves to your home

Moving: when storage moves to your home

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Why use this service? Are you moving and your new home is not yet available to accommodate the furniture? Your family is growing and a room in the house needs to be vacated? Are you selling your home and want to set aside certain personal effects that could disturb a potential buyer? Do you want to sublet your home while on the move? Make moving and storing your furniture easier with the MobilBox! The idea is simple and yet revolutionary: you just make your boxes and put them in the "box" that is delivered to you. The company MobilBox then takes care of transport and storage. It is the storage that moves towards you and no longer you who move to store your furniture! Here is how this service works in 3 steps:

1) Contact and online payment

By phone, you get in touch with a professional who helps you estimate your storage needs and offers you many associated services to facilitate your move (sale of padlocks, packaging supplies, etc.). Note that if you need help loading your box, MobilBox offers professional help. You will receive a clear quote for your order by email including the transport of the round trip box and the storage of your furniture. A few minutes later you receive a second email for the secure payment of your online order. Contacting and paying online is therefore very easy.

2) Loading the box and storing your furniture

You choose the date and time when you want to move. MobilBox takes care of finding a place on your street to park the MobilBox, regardless of traffic and parking difficulties. The axles of the MobilBox Box are then blocked during your move for greater safety. All you have to do is store your furniture and boxes within 8m 3, or enough volume to move a studio or a small apartment. You can order as many boxes as necessary to store all of your furniture. Once the box has been loaded, you lock the assembly with a padlock of which only you have the key. A vehicle from MobilBox then transports your furniture to its place of storage: a secure warehouse.

3) The return of your furniture

Whenever you wish, MobilBox will return your furniture to the place of your choice. All you have to do is unload the box and move into your new interior. You can, if you wish, call a professional to help you unload your box. Its price: 89 euros per month for the storage of a box, 65 euros one way and 65 euros the return. > For more info: www.mobilbox.fr



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