How to decorate a birthday cake?

How to decorate a birthday cake?

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Do you want to start making a birthday cake for one of your loved ones? To mark the occasion and impress your guests, we have listed some tips for decorating your birthday cake. Forget the traditional candles and let yourself be tempted by these unusual ideas! Edible or not, discover all of our ideas to decorate your birthday cake!

1. Edible decorations:

It is easy to decorate a birthday cake with edible items. A few fruits, pieces of chocolate, macaroons or whipped cream can be enough to embellish your culinary preparation. But to go further, here are some tips and edible recipes for a birthday cake worthy of a pastry: * Topping: in a few words, topping is a decorative coating dedicated to cakes. And to do this, there are several techniques such as frosting or creaming. In addition to embellishing your preparation, it will be even more delicious! * Ganaches and coulis: chocolate lovers, you will not resist the temptation facing a ganache. The advantage? You can choose one or more colors of chocolate (dark, white, milk)! In the same genre, also think of chocolate coulis to decorate your birthday cake. And if you are not very chocolate, consider the fruit option! * Sugar paste and almond paste: if you want to make shapes or create edible little figures, sugar paste and almond paste are made for you! Simply spread them out to draw the desired shapes. And to save time, think of cookie cutters! Flowers, animals, characters and other symbols… your edible 3D decorations for your birthday cake! * Candy and confectionery: to decorate a birthday cake in two stages, three movements, the candies will be your best allies. Arranged on the ganache of a cake, they alone give color and volume to the cake. You just need a little imagination to use them! Well positioned, marshmallows can draw a sheep for example. But you can also use smarties, sugared almonds, mini-meringues, chewable pearls, chocolate bears, lollipops ... One thing is sure, all shots are allowed to compose your confectionery cake! * Dyes: for a colorful cake, think of dyes! Imagine the surprise when you cut the birthday cake and your guests discover several layers of colors… Ultra trendy, the rainbow cake does not need additional decoration, everything is inside…

Now make way for inedible birthday cake decorations! These tips are ideal for those in a hurry and who do not have the time to embark on the preparation of edible decorations. * Flowers: what could be more poetic than decorating a flowery birthday cake? Choose flowers of the same color as your cake and arrange them on top. You can even choose edible varieties like rose, violet or even lavender! And if you don't have flowers, nothing prevents you from creating them using paper. To inspire you, discover the tutorial (in English) of the blog 'youaremyfave'. * Toys and figurines: if your birthday cake is intended for a child, you can use their favorite toys to decorate it. Playmobil, miniature balloons, animal figurines ... It's time to dig into your children's toy boxes and let your imagination run wild ... * Bows and ribbons: making your birthday cake couldn't be more elegant , the knots and ribbons are great allies! Delicately surround your cake with a ribbon, tie it on the front side and voila. Besides being pretty, the ribbon can also be practical. On a strawberry charlotte for example, it can be used to maintain the boudoirs that make it up! * Decorative peaks: whether toothpicks or cocktail sticks, decorative peaks are an effective way to decorate a birthday cake without taking the lead. Also called cake toppers, they are easily created in no time. It can be just words fixed on a stick as shown by this pretty inspiration from the blog 'Les Yeux Grognons' or vegetable or animal forms to cut out of paper and to customize with masking tape. And for an even more personalized rendering, think of miniature polaroid photos to stick on the cake!