The art and the way to water your garden

The art and the way to water your garden

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Watering the garden is essential to keep it healthy, but not anytime, anyhow. Here are some tips for watering your plants well. The timing of watering is very important, both for plants and to avoid waste. In summer, the ideal is early in the morning. But as this is not always possible, the evening is also suitable and prevents evaporation. Be careful with watering during the day which can burn the leaves of certain fragile plants. The frequency of watering depends on the nature of the soil. For heavy ground, once a week is enough. For light soil, water two to three times a week. Finally, the type of watering must be determined according to the surface to be watered. For a large garden, prefer an oscillating sprinkler or sprinkler (depending on whether the surface is square or circular). For small areas, a classic hose is enough like the traditional watering can. Prefer an anti-twist hose to avoid water jet interruptions. Finally for vegetable gardens and planters, drip is recommended, for a gentle watering. Final advice, collect as much rainwater as possible, make regular hoeing of the soil for better absorption and reduce watering to the minimum necessary. Water is our most precious commodity, let's save it!


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