PVC paneling in all rooms of the house

PVC paneling in all rooms of the house

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Traditionally reserved for the bathroom for its rot-proof qualities, the PVC paneling now invests in the other rooms of the house. Simple to install and easy to maintain, there is no lack of imagination on the decorative side with decorations, colors and well-expanded material effects. Far from uniform and white PVC paneling, today we find PVC paneling models which offer a multitude of finishes. Matt or glossy, wood, slate or marble look, there are also models of slats which include decorations in the style of a frieze. PVC paneling is fully on trend! Some models have a finish without visible fittings, or on the contrary, highlight the V or U joints for a decorative effect. The paneling therefore makes it possible to produce personalized decorations for each of the rooms without difficulty in fitting. PVC paneling is indeed easier to install than wooden paneling: for the most part, they stick with neoprene type glue on tiles or staple on plasterboard. They are therefore useful for hiding a damaged wall or old-fashioned tiling without having to redo everything. > More info on www.grosfillex.com


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