Selective sorting with a decorative bin

Selective sorting with a decorative bin

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We are all sorting, but not always easy to find the ideal bin, neither too bulky nor too… ugly! This is a design bin that will make our ecological gestures simpler on a daily basis!

Chocolate for plastic, beige for paper and ecru for glass, very chic colors for this three-bin bin sold on the site Each of the contents is marked above for the most distracted! A completely recyclable bin both in the container and in the content since the bins are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene. It is delivered folded for a minimum space requirement, there is then only to unfold the bins. Another tip: independent of each other and equipped with a handle, you can empty a full bin without cluttering up with the others. The lid is closed by a magnetic system. And maintenance is easy. In three words, functional, design and ecological! Three recycling bins: H50xW30xD30 cm: 75 euros


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