The Flower Box offers a duo version

The Flower Box offers a duo version

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Notice to lovers, this year innovate and surprise your sweetheart by offering her a floral composition to hang on the walls! A little natural setting for her and for him. The Flower Box offers a romantic version for the lovers' party and is available as a duo for the occasion. Declare your flame by symbolizing your love with these plant paintings. To hang on the walls or to place on a piece of furniture, choose according to your tastes and your skills in gardening, among 80 varieties of plants. You just have to define with the florist or on the website www.flowerbox.fr the color of the support. The palette oscillates between fuchsia pink, anise green, passion red ... For Valentine's Day, a special offer is offered: the 2 Flower Boxes are 24 euros . And maintenance side, no particular difficulty in sight, it is enough to water it once a week. So your two plants will grow and take root together, like your love!


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