The kit decoration, fun and ecological

The kit decoration, fun and ecological

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For many of us, knowing how to assemble a kit furniture yourself is synonymous with emancipation! It is true that we like kit furniture, because we have the impression of making it ourselves! Well today, after the furniture, come the decorative objects in kit to assemble in a jiffy.

It's me who did it !

The ready-to-assemble started with the furniture. Manufacturers enclose suitable tools for assembling furniture. Today, from the XXL model library to the vase, you can find everything in kit! The idea is that with the kit, you become fully involved in its decor. Like the Kada chair created by designer Yves for Silvera, which in turn becomes a side table and a tray.

Ecological kit

Modular, objects and small furniture in kits are suitable for small spaces. Sold flat, they take up less space and are therefore transported at a lower cost. They are then assembled using an interlocking system without glue, solvent, and therefore more ecological. This is the case of the Pano chair by Studio LO designers which is made of ecological blond wood (La Corbeille 230 euros) and the Spacetool stool by Jamin Vollebregt, sold at Moa (70 euros). Another ecological material, cardboard lends itself particularly well to mounting in a kit in a playful twist. We love the Remember cardboard stool from Virages (€ 29.90). Easy to assemble, its trompe l'oeil decor serves as an occasional table or stool supporting a load of up to 200 kg! And for all the addicts of cardboard, the consoles and club chairs (but yes!) Of the Boutique des Inventions are very playful to obtain, in the end, a very great resistance.

The daily kit

The smallest decorative object does not escape the kit design. Designer Matali Crasset took over our table by inventing a fruit basket made up of multiple U's that fit together. Adrien Rovers for the Domestic studio has designed a mini console that you can paint or leave raw. It is delivered flat as a kit comprising pre-cut birch multi-ply panels (40 euros). You just have to assemble them as a construction set.

Plastic kit

Wood and cardboard are not the only materials used in kit assembly. Plastic holds many surprises and can also be assembled by our little hands. The I b pop chair is made of a white and red two-tone plastic sheet. After having cut it, folded it and then assembled it, it only remains for us to sit on it! Plastic but ecological because it is designed 90% with recycled plastic (180 euros). Always in plastic, the curtain of "Maria" leaves to assemble yourself: an assembly of 42 plastic sheets that clip together and here we are in a plant setting! (89 euros).