A punchy fall decor

A punchy fall decor

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Dare to "Scottish" who is making a comeback in the house. So we adopt it in small touches by starting to create the style on the walls with the graphic wallpaper inspired by Scottish motifs by Jean Charles de Castelbajac. Yellow, blue or red, it is preferably placed in a strip so as not to visually overload the space. To further accentuate your decorative bias, pair it with the three-branch chandelier in green felt from Present Time. Composed of fine branches that accommodate three small sparrows and a delicate composition of ivy leaves that wraps around, this original light with its curved lines contrasts with the straight lines of the wallpaper. And even in the plates, the Scottish rim service from Villeroy and Boch will refine your decor. Finally play the card the English "cottage" decor, which is very decorative and fall. The Hello my cushion, patchwork style cushion will perfume your interior with lily of the valley since it can be delivered to you scented.


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