Decors on porcelain: tube patterns

Decors on porcelain: tube patterns

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2 Chinese bowls 90 ° alcohol Net tracer Divider circle Grease pencil Gold seam tube (07)

Production :

The tiebacks


Place a line with the thread trace, 10 millimeters from the edge, inside and outside the bowl.


With the dividing circle and the grease pencil, trace the eight sections of your pattern inside and outside the bowl.


Take the gold setting tube, join each of the sections to the others passing through the center of the line, this by a few gold dotted lines. Cover the pencil line at the bottom with peas of gold setting. Air dry for 24 hours before cooking.

The lines


With the thread trace, draw two lines at 8 and 10 millimeters on both sides of the edge of the Chinese bowl.


Arrange small dots with the gold seam tube along these lines and at the edge of the bowl. Dry twenty-four hours before cooking.

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