5 tips to design a long bathroom

5 tips to design a long bathroom

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Having a small bathroom does not necessarily mean running out of space. It is now easy to arrange a small bathroom in the hallway full of charm ... and storage! In addition, small surfaces have never been so popular: space saving is fashionable and your long bathroom is actually full of opportunities! Discover now my advice and tips for setting up or renovating a real well-being space in a very small area at low cost.
  1. The best way to save space? Sort !
  2. Storage: finding the right balance
  3. Choosing suitable bathroom furniture
  4. Long layout of a bathroom: be bold!
  5. Visually enlarge your small bathroom with a few decorative tips

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1. The best way to save space? Sort !

Planning or renovating a room is a great opportunity to sort through your closets. And when it comes to sorting, there is only one rule to respect: keep only what is useful to you or makes you smile! Minimalism, kinfollk, wabi-sabi ... Fashion is indeed with refined interiors and tidy cupboards, and the bathroom is no exception to these decorative trends. If you feel like sorting, the bathroom is the ideal place to start your spring cleaning. We often accumulate a number of objects or products that have become obsolete: piles of napkins as rough as a scouring sponge, cosmetics and expired drugs, toothless combs, hair curlers never used, hair straighteners having experienced the same comes out and of course, a multitude of decorative objects that no longer bring you any well-being. Repair, resell, donate and ultimately only recycle or dispose of items you no longer need. This step should also allow you to best estimate your actual storage needs.

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2. Storage: finding the right balance

Facing a small room, our first fear is indeed not to have enough storage space. However, very often, we make the opposite error: we fill our pieces of furniture which we don't really need, to the detriment of a space necessary for good circulation and our well-being. We generally keep a space of 80 cm in width for the toilets and a width of 70 cm to circulate between your elements and the wall opposite. In the case of a long bathroom, you can for example consider placing a storage unit over the entire length and height of one of the two narrower walls of your room. This will also have the advantage of shortening it. You can also separate the different spaces using partitions with integrated storage, for example between your toilet and your washbasin. Finally, wall shelves are one of the most suitable solutions for small bathrooms. For example, place two or three above your toilet and store your most beautiful towels there. The latter will thus contribute to the creation of a "hammam" atmosphere by transforming into real decorative objects, while freeing up space in your cupboards!

3. Choose suitable bathroom furniture

You can now identify the spaces to optimize. Prefer the basin on furniture rather than the basin and the bathroom cabinet with mirror over simple mirror. If you have the possibility, a washbasin on furniture as well as suspended toilets will also save a lot of space and create the impression of a more refined, less charged room. The fact of freeing up space on the ground makes it possible to give the impression of a larger space. According to the same principle, you can therefore also attach to the wall, about ten centimeters above the floor, all the other small elements specific to the bathroom, such as the trash can, the towel rack or the toilet brush. . From a more practical point of view, this will greatly facilitate your task when the time comes to vacuum or mop your bathroom! For particularly narrow bathrooms (less than 1.20 meters), there is also shallow furniture that will allow you to gain circulation space. Finally, a sliding door, and in particular a pocket door, allows a significant saving of space and ergonomics compared to a conventional door.

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4. Longitudinal layout of a bathroom: be bold!

A carefully thought out layout will allow you to save significant space compared to furniture simply placed in a row one behind the other. Do not consider the narrow size of your bathroom as a constraint, but rather as a structuring element of your layout and decoration. This point of view will allow you to adopt a resolutely creative posture and imagine a bathroom full of character! To revamp your bathroom in length, no need to embark on major renovations. For example, install a large wooden or metal bar on one of your long, dance bar style walls. Ideal for hanging your towels and clothes, it will also give a unique "studio" atmosphere to your bathroom. Combine it with a large rectangular mirror on the wall facing it, above your washbasin, surrounded by spotlights like "artist's lodge" and voila! For even more daring, shake up the spaces: why limit your shower to the back of your room? Give it back its place of honor by placing a beautiful walk-in shower, fully open, in the center of your hallway bathroom. This arrangement will adapt perfectly to a romantic and refined parental suite.

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5. Visually enlarge your small bathroom with a few decorative tips

Many tricks, especially in terms of lighting and painting, allow you to visually enlarge a room, at a lower cost. So, to shorten a too long room, it is advisable to paint the back wall in a darker color, it will then seem closer. Similarly, to give more height to a room, we will paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, or in a color that closely resembles it. This tip is particularly interesting for small bathrooms that dream of large spaces. The light tones also make it possible to better capture the light in a room, thus creating a feeling of greater volume than in a dark room. We therefore give priority to light tones, white tiles and white light bulbs. Well-thought-out artificial lighting, which will not overlook any area of ​​the bathroom, is also very important. Also think of the mirrors that literally allow you to split the spaces! Preferably install them on one of the long walls of your room. Finally, do not overload your decoration too much, at the risk of shrinking the space: no need to acquire a number of trinkets useless, your everyday objects can be displayed on your shelves and will perfectly fulfill the same function, while freeing up useful storage space. We also banish the shower curtain, which we replace with a completely transparent glass wall, which will bring more volume to the room. If your walk-in shower is separated from the rest of your room by a partition, you can also break the linearity of your bathroom by installing your furniture or vanity top and its mirror on this partition, rather than in a row with the rest of your elements. You now have all the keys in hand to successfully renovate your bathroom!