Office feng shui: creativity and focus

Office feng shui: creativity and focus

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The best location for an office is near the entrance, near the flow of exchanges between outside and inside. If your office is at the back of your apartment or house, plan another location. If necessary, dedicate a part of your stay to it, if it is large enough; it is therefore important to symbolically and visually separate the two spaces, by means of a screen, a sliding Japanese partition or a row of large plants. Observe the location of your office: this is crucial for concentration. Arrange it so that you are working with your back to the wall rather than in front of a window, and be careful not to have any sharp angles in front of you. Also, do not sit in the passage where the energy flows. If you have a mirror in this room, make sure that it is placed facing the entrance to reflect the visitors who enter: this reduces the effect of surprise, harmful for work. If you have several tables available for office use, choose it square or rectangular, if you want to promote concentration, or rather rounded if it is your creativity that you are looking to stimulate. Then counterbalance the chosen effect thanks to other contrary elements: the quality of the work results from a complementarity between organization and concentration on the one hand, creativity and fantasy on the other. For example, on a square desk, placing a sculpture with rounded and feminine shapes or a large pebble promotes this balance.


Go hunting for disorder! Stacked, unclassified papers interfere with thinking. Make a habit of filing everything (and discarding if necessary) the day before each weekend, to avoid stagnation. Always work on an open area. On the wall placed behind your back, which is what your visitors see when you enter, remove any decorative object or painting: these distract your interlocutors who listen less well to your words. Floral wallpapers, double loaded curtains have no place in an office, where concentration and inner calm must reign. Never put objects from your intimate world (lingerie, toiletries), which clutter and affect concentration. Also forbid children from entering this place: toys and cries are moved here.


To counterbalance the negative effects of the electromagnetic waves diffused by the computers, place one or two depolluting plants (for example chlorophytum, the euphorbia and the lunar). A mirror, large enough for one person to fully reflect in it, enlarges the space and multiplies the opportunities: to boost your efficiency, choose it rectangular, with a frame with sharp angles (in wood or metal). Also encourage positive energies through colors: paint a wall in purple if you work alone, in orange to boost exchanges and conviviality, in yellow in a place dedicated to meetings. Color the other walls in gray-taupe and beige, in order to "calm" the energies.