8 accessories for a reading corner in a child's room!

8 accessories for a reading corner in a child's room!

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Creating a reading corner in a child's room promises lovely moments of bonding. When bottle time or evening story rings, we love sharing special moments with baby… and as they grow up, children will love to snuggle up in their reserved space! What if we took stock of the right accessories for a cozy reading corner?

A comfortable seat

The correct seat depends on the room and the children. With a baby, it is better to have a good comfortable chair to give the bottle or read a story with the little ones on their knees. For older children who read alone, a mini armchair is more suitable, even a low sofa or a mattress on the floor ... Why not in a teepee!

Funny cushions

To transform a reading corner into a cozy niche in a child's room, make way for the cushions! We have fun with shapes and materials by following a color theme and in all cases, we think playful: plain or printed, pandas or rabbits, animal or polka dots skin, faux fur or velvet ... Only imperative, removable cushions and washable covers.

A very soft carpet

Children love to roll on the floor and sometimes they are much better there than on an armchair. As for us, we prefer to put our feet on a soft carpet than on a cold floor! So many good reasons to plan for a fluffy carpet, like a sheepskin or soft classic, to install in front of the armchair of the reading corner ... And if the light colors are always perfect in a child's room, we check well, in this case, that the carpet is washable.

A practical shelf

Because you will have to store books and stuffed animals well, you might as well provide a shelf nearby. It can change function over time, from the decorative shelf to the children's library! We choose it design or we opt for simple stacked boxes, but with a concrete fixing ...

A pretty light

A functional reading corner must be equipped with the right light, regardless of the age of the readers. For a child's bedroom, small, soft and dim lights are preferred, which can possibly remain on if the little ones are afraid of the dark: night lights, bedside lamps with dimmer or light garlands. In this case, we prefer wired accessories to plug into a controlled outlet or with a timer!

A side table

Next to the reading corner, a small table will allow you to put a book in progress or a bottle to finish, or even create a desk corner for children's drawings. A multifunctional accessory and so cute that it would be wrong to deprive it. Scandinavian mini-table or colored pedestal table, the choice is yours!

A round pouffe

Mom puts her feet there, baby learns to climb, children sit or lean against it: the pouffe is also multifunctional and 100% scalable. The secret ? We choose a model designed for children, so washable and resistant! The round shapes lend themselves perfectly to the reading corner of a child's room, with or without legs.

A storage basket

In a well-appointed reading area, the children will play, move, jump, throw books as much as watch them. Suffice to say that we have every interest in planning what to store quickly and well to restore order in the room. The secret ? A tote basket! Alternately laundry basket or toy chest, she can do everything and clears the space in seconds.