3 grandmother's tips for cleaning your cheese grater

3 grandmother's tips for cleaning your cheese grater

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We found nothing better to grate our pieces of Gruyère cheese, Parmesan or our lemon zest than a common and ancient utensil, a cheese grater. However, what a puzzle to find it clean and shiny. How to make sure to unclog all the small holes and put it away like new? We give you our best tips!

1. A used toothbrush

Have you just grated a piece of Swiss cheese and all the small holes in your cheese grater are blocked? There is no point in using a sponge, you risk damaging it without result. Simply use a used toothbrush to unclog any small gaps. Guaranteed success!

2. A raw potato

You made a cake for your family and you had to grate lemon zest. If your cake will be engulfed in seconds, cleaning your grater worries you in advance. The lemon zest is very small and encrusted between and in the holes. Don't panic, just have a potato close at hand and grate it. It will unclog everything! And you will only have to rinse your utensil.

3. A piece of sugar

This advice is an effective grandmother tip! To unclog all the holes in your grater, just grate a piece of sugar to get rid of all its impurities.