5 grandmother tips to remove bad smells from the fridge

5 grandmother tips to remove bad smells from the fridge

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Opening your fridge has become a real ordeal because of the odors it contains? Do not panic, the editorial staff of dé has looked into the matter this week and offers you 5 really effective grandmother tips. Opening the door will no longer be an ordeal, I promise!

Tip 1: coffee grounds to suck up odors

And yes the coffee grounds have many powers and in particular that to drive out bad smells from the fridge! Place them in a dish that you install on one of the shelves and voila. Our advice for this remedy to remain effective: change the coffee grounds when it is dry, roughly every two weeks.

Tip # 2: baking soda

Baking soda is a real miracle to neutralize odors. And in the fridge, it quickly proves effective! Put a cup or small container containing three tablespoons of baking soda on one of the shelves and repeat the operation every month.

Tip 3: white vinegar against stubborn odors

To get rid of the smells of fish or cheese that have invaded your fridge, think of white vinegar. In a bowl, pour 20 cl of white vinegar and place it in the bottom of your fridge to prevent it from being spilled. Our advice: change the vinegar every two weeks to prolong its effectiveness.

Tip n ° 4: cork stoppers, the economic trick

Do you have one or two corks lying around at home? So much the better, you will be able to use them wisely! Place them in a dish that you simply place in the fridge. Smart and economical, don't you think? Please note: change them at least every two weeks!

Tip # 5: a homemade blend

If the odors are decidedly too installed, it will be necessary to concoct a small homemade preparation composed of water, lemon juice and baking soda. Pour everything into a sprayer and spray your fridge to clean it. Easy, right?